REDEEMING DESTINY: Dancing Into Unexpected Truth

If you like a good drama this book is for you. You will forget that you are reading a true story. This book has heartache, humor, and a whole lot of hope if you can wade through the muck and mire of her life. This book will have you sitting on the edge of your seat and feeling all the feels.

"Redeeming Destiny was a difficult book to write and even more difficult to send out into the world.  It highlights nearly every mistake I have ever made and there have been more than you can imagine.  I would not have written it if I didn't believe that it was going to help someone else find the healing and hope that I have discovered.  I hope this book encourages others that all of us are worthy of love, no matter what our choices have been or the choices that perhaps have been imposed upon us by others."

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About the Book

The title of this book is quite a misnomer. It may give you the sense that I elegantly danced into an unknown truth, but let me assure you… the stage was the only place I was graceful. The rest of my life was filled with missteps, mistakes, and falling flat on my face; getting back up only to fall flat again and again. I clumsily and tragically fumbled my way through life until I finally realized that Love was with me everywhere I stumbled. Join me in my journey through the most heart-wrenching places on earth, and witness how Love rescued me from the depths of my own despair such as drug addiction, abortion, strip clubs, and more. Love never judged or condemned me. He only ever provided me with a way of escape from all my self-made messes. This is a story of how much Love can change even the hardest of hearts. This is a story of hope for the hopeless. This is a story saturated with tragedy and heartache, but also layered with glimpses of the goodness that laid buried underneath the ruble of my life.

Tags: addiction, hope, love, memoir, trauma
Publisher: Angela Bucher
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback
Length: 162
ISBN: 0578590417

List Price: 14.44
eBook Price: 7.99
“The book is beautiful to me. Angie writes an engaging story that is easy to read because there is no judgement passed on anyone. I think the truth is setting her free.”
– Meg Caparoso
“Angela writes a beautiful memoir, one with hills and valleys, so much so that you think you wouldn’t relate. She proves that though we have different life stories we all share in the same struggles. Her honesty is hilarious as well as heartbreaking and you walk away renewed, knowing that God’s love is steadfast.”
– Mandy Cervantes
“Not only did this book remind me of my own painful past and “missteps” it reminded me of how truth and grace can bring about so much healing. Because of “Redeeming Destiny” I was unexpectedly blessed by being reunited and reconciled to a long lost loved one that would not have happened otherwise. I’m eternally grateful for this very timely book!”
– Katie Youngren
“No one I know exemplifies the quote, “The wound is the place where the Light enters you” more than Angie. She has taken pain and trauma that would have caused most people to close their heart forever, and fought to keep her heart open, to let the light in. And in that process, she has transformed her life into something beautiful and full of so much hope! “Redeeming Destiny” is her love letter to you. An offer to hold your hand in the darkest of places and point you to a love that will redeem everything.”
– Mandy Pleger
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REDEEMING DESTINY: Dancing Into Unexpected Truth
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